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Project Description
Simple photo browser

I have used Nick's PhotoBrowser Asp.Net app over at CodeProject for a long time. The beauty of that app is its simplicity. Assuming you have your own webserver, it makes it super easy to publish photos and share with the family without registering with FlickR, Picasa,, etc.. I was recently inspired to create a similar Silverlight app. I know, the last thing the world needs is yet another Silverlight photo album. But, it works and I thought I'd share the source.

To get up and running:
Deploy this web app with Silverlight Clientbin to your web server.
Upload photos and folders to photos folder. As soon as a user logs in and views a folder the thumbnails for the images are created on the server.
Set password in login.xaml.vb (see todo for auth todo).
For PicNik integration get an API key and put it in your web.config

Add more eye candy: animations, transitions.
Support Video - consider encode on the fly
Tie into auth.
Not sure if I'm going to try to store meta data. My primary goal is to share with family, so not so useful.
Support a source picture folder that drives the web-accessible folder of pictures (high res > 2GB photos in source folder scaled for web - similar to thumbnails, but bigger :) )

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